43013 Nosler 45 Colt 250gr JHP Box 100

Sport Handgun Revolver Bullet Information

Whether you punch paper, shoot steel, or use your handgun for hunting, Nosler® ensures you have the very finest in accuracy, consistency and overall quality. Each bullet is produced on the most advanced, fully automated machinery and, like our premium rifle bullets, Nosler® hand inspects and then polishes all Sporting Handgun™ bullets to a bright finish.


1 Tapered Copper-Alloy Jacket
Extremely concentric, tapered jacket is built for maximum accuracy and enhanced game-taking ability.

2 Well-Defined Cannelure
Holds jacket and core together and permits a tight crimp that eliminates bullet movement within the case.

3 Form-Fitted Pure Lead Core
Allows for reliable expansion and maximum accuracy across a broad velocity range.


43013 Nosler 45 Colt 250gr JHP Box 100
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