88xxx Redding Titanium Carbide Handgun Die Sets

Handgun Die Sets In Titanium Carbide

Titanium carbide differs considerably from tungsten carbides, and is the ideal material for lubeless resizing of cartridge cases.The difference is in the microscopic structure. Tungsten carbide if viewed under a microscope, appears
as sharp irregular micrograins resembling chunks of coal or quartz, and regardless of how well the surface is finished, its inherent structure remains the same.

Titanium carbide micrograins on the other hand, appear smooth and rounded, resembling the rounded stones you might find in a stream bed. Titanium carbide has the highest hardness of any readily available carbide, and those smooth rounded micrograins present a slippery, nongalling surface that is simply unattainable with other carbides.


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88xxx Redding Titanium Carbide Handgun Die Sets
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  • Item #: RED88xxx
  • Manufacturer: Redding Reloading
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